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Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches / John W. Creswell, J. David Creswell Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

The Sixth Edition has been fully revised to reflect the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association with more inclusive language, updated citation styles, and updated writing suggestions. Learning objectives are now included at the start of each chapter. To help readers better achieve these learning objectives, the authors have clarified and improved the writing exercises to help readers better achieve these learning objectives. The final three chapters detailing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods now have a parallel structure so readers can better compare and contrast these approaches. Chapter 10 on mixed methods in particular has been restructured to reflect the latest developments in mixed methods and best practices. New research examples throughout help capture and demonstrate new trends in research.

Public finance and public policy / Jonathan Gruber Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

The enormous scale of the COVID-19 crisis has launched new debates over investment in unemployment insurance and infrastructure, rising national debt, and more. Who better than Jonathan Gruber to guide students through the particulars? In the new edition of his best-selling text, Gruber covers the fundamentals of public finance with an emphasis on responses to Covid-19, highlighting the variety of decisions that the government had to make and the controversies they engendered. Other new and expanded coverage includes political expediencies and positioning on energy policy, political polarization and policymaking, the ACA and the future of the U.S. healthcare system, Universal Basic Income, the impact of recent tax reforms on labor supply, and efforts to tax wealth.

Mastering academic writing in the sciences : a step-by-step guide / Marialuisa Aliotta Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

This book provides a comprehensive and coherent step-by-step guide to writing in scientific academic disciplines. It is an invaluable resource for those working on a PhD thesis, research paper, dissertation, or report. Writing these documents can be a long and arduous experience for students and their supervisors, and even for experienced researchers. However, this book can hold the key to success. Mapping the steps involved in the writing process - from acquiring and organizing sources of information, to revising early drafts, to proofreading the final product - it provides clear guidance on what to write and how best to write it.

Performance management for dummies / Herman Aguinis Đầu mục:2 Tài liệu số:0

A step-by-step guide to designing and implementing a state-of-the-science performance management system in your business. Learn to develop it, assess how it's working, improve your leadership skills, and help your employees grow

The talent management handbook : Making culture a competitive advantage by acquiring, identifying, developing, and promoting the best people / Lance A. Berger, Dorothy R. Berg ... Đầu mục:2 Tài liệu số:0

The definitive guide to finding, developing, and keeping the best talent -- expanded with brand new and updated material. The Talent Management Handbook is the established go-to guide for HR professionals, managers, and leaders looking for the best ways to use talent management programs to develop a culture of excellence. This third edition features new and updated chapters based on fresh approaches and material for identifying, recruiting, positioning, and developing highly qualified, motivated people to meet current and future business requirements. Filled with expert advice, the book offers a roadmap for developing a comprehensive approach to talent management that will guide professionals in the coming years

Work and organizational psychology / Sebastiaan Rothmann, Cary L. Cooper Đầu mục:2 Tài liệu số:0

Providing a complete and contemporary overview of the evolving and fascinating world of work, this new edition of Work and Organizational Psychology is the perfect textbook, outlining not only key theoretical ideas, but how they relate to the role of psychologists advising today’s organizations.

Employee training and development / Raymond A. Noe Đầu mục:2 Tài liệu số:0

The 9th edition covers and addresses the changes in training and development from an employer and employee perspective - adding value to the employer and employee.

Urban transportation systems : Choices for communities / Sigurd Grava Đầu mục:0 Tài liệu số:1

Sigurd Grava's study covers all types of urban transportation including the automobile. It addresses urban sprawl, traffic flows and accessibility issues and explains how to assess and select the optimal system for a given community.

Regression methods in biostatistics : linear, logistic, survival, and repeated measures models / Eric Vittinghoff, David V. Glidden, Stephen C. Shiboski, Charles E. McCulloch Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

This new book provides a unified, in-depth, readable introduction to the multi-predictor regression methods most widely used in biostatistics: linear models for continuous outcomes, logistics models for binary outcomes, the Cox model for right-censored survival times, repeated-measures models for longitudinal and hierarchical outcomes, and generalized linear models for counts and other outcomes

Management : theory and practice / Ernest Dale Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0