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Autocad lectrical 2020 : A tutorial approach / Sham Tickoo Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

The AutoCAD Electrical 2020: A Tutorial Approach is a tutorial-based book that introduces the readers to AutoCAD Electrical 2020 software, designed specifically for creating professional electrical control drawings. The book has a wide range of tutorials covering the tools and features of AutoCAD Electrical such as schematic drawings, panel drawings, parametric and nonparametric PLC modules, ladder diagrams, Circuit Builder, point-to-point wiring diagrams, report generation, creation of symbols, and so on. These tutorials will enable the users to create innovative electrical control drawings with ease. Moreover, the tutorials used ensure that the users can relate the information provided in this book with the practical industry designs. The chapters in this book are arranged in a pedagogical sequence that makes it very effective in learning the features and capabilities of the software.

30 Arduino projects for the evil genius / Simon Monk Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

This do-it-yourself guide shows you how to program and build projects with the Arduino Uno and Leonardo boards and the Arduino 1.0 development environment. It gets you started right away with the simplified C programming you need to know and demonstrates how to take advantage of the latest Arduino capabilities. You'll learn how to attach an Arduino board to your computer, program it, and connect electronics to it to create your own devices. A bonus chapter uses the special USB keyboard/mouse-impersonation feature exclusive to the Arduino Leonardo

Auditing & assurance services / Timothy J. Louwers ...[at el] Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

As auditors, we are trained to investigate beyond appearances to determine the underlying facts--in other words, to look beneath the surface. From the Enron and WorldCom scandals of the early 2000s to the financial crisis of 2007-2008 to present-day issues and challenges related to significant estimation uncertainty, understanding the auditor's responsibility related to fraud, maintaining a clear perspective, probing for details, and understanding the big picture are indispensable to effective auditing. With the availability of greater levels of qualitative and quantitative information ("big data"), the need for technical skills and challenges facing today's auditor is greater than ever. The author team of Louwers, Blay, Sinason, Strawser, and Thibodeau has dedicated years of experience in the auditing field to this new edition of Auditing & Assurance Services, supplying the necessary investigative tools for future auditors

Cơ sở dữ liệu / Cao Thị Nhạn Đầu mục:0 Tài liệu số:1

Value added tax : a comparative approach / Alan Schenk, Victor Thuronyi, Wei Cui Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

"This book integrates legal, economic, and administrative materials about the value added tax (VAT) to present the only comparative approach to the study of VAT law. The comparative presentation of this volume offers an analysis of policy issues relating to tax structure and tax base as well as insights into how cases arising out of VAT disputes have been resolved. Its principal purpose is to provide comprehensive teaching tools - laws, cases, analytical exercises, and questions drawn from the experience of countries and organizations around the world. This second edition includes new VAT-related developments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia and adds new chapters on VAT avoidance and evasion and on China's VAT. Designed to illustrate, analyze, and explain the principal theoretical and operating features of value added taxes, including their adoption and implementation, this book will be an invaluable resource for tax practitioners and government officials"

Federal taxation of property transactions / David L. Cameron, Elliott Manning Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

Two significant complications affect the taxation of property transactions. The first complication is the special treatment of capital gains and losses. The second complication arises from the time value of money. This book aims to provide students with an appreciation for these two significant complexities through the descriptive materials and problems presented.

Giáo trình taekwondo / Trịnh Hữu Lộc chủ biên, Huỳnh Hồng Ngọc Đầu mục:1 Tài liệu số:0

Sơ lược lịch sử phát triển của môn taekwondo trên thế giới và ở Việt Nam. Tổ chức thi đấu và một số điều luật thi đấu đối kháng. Phương pháp giảng dạy và huấn luyện taekwondo. Kĩ thuật cơ bản, quyền, đối luyện của môn taekwondo